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Fazaia Housing Scheme Rawalpindi

FHS Rawalpindi

Fazaia Housing Scheme Rawalpindi is situated 2 Km from Karal Interchange on Islamabad Expressway. It was launched in May 1989. On completion of development plan, construction of houses started in 1996. The scheme is spread over an area of 470 Kanals. Due to favorable environment and location, the scheme has developed into a posh living area in Rawalpindi compatible with the very best schemes in twin cities.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Tarnol

The second active project with the Directorate is Tarnol Housing Scheme. The site of this housing project is 8 Kms away from Tarnol GT Road junction and 25 kms from Islamabad and Chaklala. Tarnol Housing Scheme was formally launched in August 1989. Purchase of land, consolidation process, possession and settlement of claims / disputes continued for quite some time. Finally, in 1992 Air Headquarters decided to settle all issues with the land owners to initiate the development work. The land consolidation took almost 04 years i.e till the end of 1995. Tarnol Housing Scheme is located in the extended area of zone-II of Islamabad. In the vicinity of our project, 13 other housing schemes are also being developed. Tarnol Scheme spans over a distance of 2 kms along Rawalpindi Fateh Jang road and is a fine blend of flat, sloping and undulating ground. The scheme is divided into 8 blocks. The Motorway interchange just opposite Block ‘A’ of Fazaia Housing Scheme Tarnol provides excellent communication facility to the residents and has reduced approach time to important places of Rawalpindi / Islamabad area considerably.

The development pace of the Tarnol Project remained a challenging job. Slow but consistent efforts were put in by the directorate since its establishment. Nevertheless, the revitalization of Tarnol Project remained the utmost priority for Directorate of Estate Projects. To capitalize on the opportunities, rehabilitation works started promptly with start of new millennium, which included construction of boundary wall, new sewerage network, new commercial plazas and construction of roads. Besides, the additional land was also procured to enhance the capacity of this scheme. By the Grace of Almighty this project started growing and flourishing. The renowned City School has made its way to the project. Shahpur Dam water project is on its finishing stages and the pace of constructing homes in the society has increased. The paced up development work, falling in the premises of new Islamabad International Airport and situated on the orifice of Motorway / Kashmir Highway interchange had increased its market value like never before.

For more information, do visit FHS-Tarnol website.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore-I

“Fazaia Lahore” was launched in 2004. A total of 3638 Kanals land on Raiwind road at about 12 Kms from Thokar Niaz Baig has been purchased. The contract for town planning and designing phase was awarded to reputed consultancy firm in Oct, 2004. The consultant carried out various surveys including Reconnaissance, Topographic, Geotechnical Investigations and Electrical Resistively etc. The final Master Plan was approved on 02 Feb, 2005. The Town planning was completed in Oct, 05 and allotment of plots alloted to members through ballot in Nov 05. The scheme has been formally approved by LDA in December, 2005. After town planning, the complete planning for the development works was carried out by the Consultant. In December, 2005 earth breaking ceremony was carried out and basic Infrastructural Development Works such as Roads Network, Internal Electrification, Sewerage / Storm Water Drainage works and Water Supply Network were started.

The scheme was bifurcated into two portions in 2014 when Lahore Ring Road project started to take shape through the scheme. Unfortunately few of the members got affected by Ring Road who have been compensated by PAF. However, the positive aspect of it is, it has improved the connectivity of the scheme with the rest of the city especially with Allama Iqbal International Airport, owing to which the market value of the scheme assets have also risen. Currently the scheme is thriving in the best possible ways under the able guidance of Directorate of Estate Projects.

For more information, do visit FHS-Lahore-I website.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore-II

Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore-II was launched in January, 2010. Land measuring 1511 Kanals for Fazaia Lahore was transferred, registered and mutated in the name of Directorate of Estate Projects. The Possession of land was taken over accordingly after demarcation through revenue officials. Currently infrastructure development works consisting of Roads, Footpaths, Water supply, Sewerage, Drainage, Over Head Water tanks and Disposal Station are either completed or near completion.

For more information, do visit FHS-Lahore-II website.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi

Fazaia Housing Scheme Karachi was launched in March, 2015.It is Nationally recognized corporate organization that has strived to provide, to the people of Pakistan, an opportunity to live the innovative models of modern living. The project of Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi consists of two Sites (Luxury Apartments at Site-1 measuring 32 Acres and Standard Apartments, Apartments and Bungalows at Site-2 measuring 369 Acres).

For more information, do visit FHS-Karachi website.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Gujranwala

Fazaia Gujranwala is located near Nawab Chowk Gujranwala on Lahore-Rawalpindi Bypass. The Scheme is ideally located only 5 KMs from landmark Aziz Chowk Flyover. It is just on a few minutes’ drive from City Centre and adjacent to Punjab University Campus Gujranwala. Ideal location and extremely beautiful layout of the Scheme makes it the best Housing Scheme of the Town.

For more information, do visit FHS-Gujranwala website.

Fazaia Housing Scheme Aviation City Kamra

FHS Kamra

Fazaia Housing Scheme Kamra, a component of Aviation City, commanding all prerequisites to a modern and efficient living, addressing to upgrade the social fabric of society and believing in the welfare of residents of different walks of life juxtaposed to a unique form of equivalent living. It is planned to be a state of the art, modern housing society with all the contemporary amenities. Integration of Academia, Industry, cohesive R&D with Residencia would bring numerable incentives to the residents. Fazaia housing scheme is planned for the personnel associated with Pakistan Air Force but a specified number of plots are kept to be allocated to the civilians so that all citizens may be the part of this beautiful living environment.

For more information, do visit FHS-Kamra website.

New Projects

The Directorate of Estate Projects, over the period of few decades, has broadened its horizon in the estate matters. Similarly the directorate is currently working on the concept of Aviation City, which will definitely be a unique concept of living amid Educational, Industrial, and Recreational Environment.